Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 is Vietnam
Luong Gia Huy of Vietnam is the most captivating role model as he was proclaimed Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 in Makassar, Indonesia.

Philippines’ representative Paul Guarnes was named first runner-up and Sweden’s Johannes Leonidas Ulmefors finished second runner-up. Indonesia’s pride Gilbert Pangalila and Rohit Jakhar of India completed the top 5 as they were placed third and fourth runners-up respectively.

Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 Continental winners were also hailed: Nicaragua’s Elvis Murillo as MUA America, India’s Rohit Jakhar as MUA Asia, Algeria’s Billel Kessi for MUA Africa, Hungary’s Andras Varga as MUA Europe and Australia’s Nathan Howe as MUA Oceania.


Mister Universal Ambassador 2017: VIETNAM - Luong Gia Huy
1st Runner Up: PHILIPPINES - Paul Guarnes 
2nd Runner Up: SWEDEN - Johannes Ulmefors 
3rd Runner Up: INDONESIA - Gilbert Pangalila 
4th Runner Up: INDIA - Rohit Jakhar
TOP 10 In Order:
UZBEKISTAN - Shakboz Makhmudov 
NICARAGUA - Elvis Murillo 
THAILAND - Thirawat Madtayaboon 
HUNGARY - Andris Varga 
Special Awards:
Mister Congeniality : MALAYSIA - Anaz Dz
Best National Costume: NICARAGUA - Elvis Murillo 
Mister Photogenic: UZBEKISTAN - Shakboz Makhmudov
Session Winners:
Sport Session Winner: UZBEKISTAN - Shakboz Makhmudov 
Speech Session Winner: PHILIPPINES - Paul Guarnes 
Top Model Winner: VIETNAM - Luong Gia Huy 
Best in Interview: SWEDEN - Johannes Ulmefors